Waterproofing a wooden garden house

Waterproofing your garden pavilion, shed, fence or any wooden material you would like to make durable

Waterproofing your most valuable wooden materials is important. Woodcon stops water from penetrating the wood and helps to prevent the growth of fungi, mould algae and other water related issues.

Protect your wooden garden shed with Woodcon.

Equipment and materials you need

Woodcon protects all wood against water and moist.

1. Low pressure sprayer or paint-roller for larger areas

2. Brush for smaller areas

3. Covering the parts that need no WoodCon treatment
The Woodcon shield is not visible on the wood but on glass it will become visible because it canít react with the wood. Therefore we recommend you cover up all the glass and parts that need no treatment with WoodCon

4. Use a ladder for higher areas
NOTE: Use a concentrated dishwasher soap, straight from the bottle and rub it on the glass. WoodCon will not stick on the soap. When you are done, simply remove the soap and youíll have clean windows as well.

5. Protective clothing and gloves
There is no need for special clothing. But we do recommend you wear rubber gloves, due to the alkaline (degreasing) character of WoodCon.

Step-by-step guide for waterproofing wood

  • Put on the rubber gloves.
  • Fill the low pressure sprayer or bucket with Woodcon. Use a funnel so that you wonít spill any of it.
  • Look at your project and think up a system so you know which area has been done and which need yet to be done. Start on a corner and work your way around.
  • Spray from bottom to top.
  • In case the wood is old and porous, you can spray a second time, but do this before the first spay has dried.
    NOTE: Never re-apply WoodCon on areas, where Woodcon has already dried up. If Woodcon has dried up it will no longer absorb anything, including itself. When this should occur, a white layer will appear.(remove with a high pressure water cleaner).
  • When the shed or fence is already constructed, make sure you treat seams and cracks as well.
  • In case of a new construction and assembly has yet to occur, make sure youíll treat all holes, sides and ends as well. These are the areas where wood-rot appears first.
  • We recommend not to assemble your garden house until the wood has completely dried up. Depending on the weather, the drying process could take several hours or days. NOTE: wet wood swells up and is therefore thicker, which can result in a not tight fit.
  • For a quicker drying process, place strips between the wood, this way youíll enabling the wind to blow them dry.


  • Woodcon makes every wood-surface water repellent without discoloring or changing the texture of the wood.
  • Very economical: 1 liter is sufficient for 8 m.
  • Available in  1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.