Waterproofing your Pond or Pool DIY

A real swimming pond is an ornament for your garden. Unlike a pool, where the water is kept clean with chemicals, you have a natural-looking swimming spot with water, filtered and cleaned naturally. The construction and maintenance of a swimming pond brings a number of challenges along with it. Not only when it comes to water purification and the biological balance, also the bottom of the pond must be made and kept watertight. In this blog we discuss the considerations for the construction, maintenance and waterproofing of your own beautiful swimming pond.

Waterproofing your swimming pond

Considerations when constructing a swimming pond

Use Permacon, to waterproof your pond

Although a natural swimming pond is bigger and deeper than the average ordinary pond, it is in terms of design and technology not essentially different. However, with a swimming pond, a relatively large part of the water needs to be kept free of plants for swimming. To sufficiently and naturally filter the water, a shallow zone of about 60-80 cm deep, has to be made with oxygen plants. A marsh filter, plants filter, or helophytes filter is important for the water quality and provides a natural shelter for any fish.

Unlike many ordinary ponds, a swimming pond will almost always be placed in a sunny area, since that’s the only way the water can get to a pleasant temperature for swimming, quickly. These differences mean water management and the biological balance will often require more attention with a swimming pond than with an ordinary pond. A swimming pond may otherwise contaminate faster.

Make your swimming pond waterproof with Permacon.

As with an ordinary pond you have a free choice in style and design with a swimming pond. You can go for a sleek, straight swimming pond. Which is very similar to a swimming pool, but, of course, with naturally filtered and purified water, without the use of chemicals. But even so, you can create a completely natural looking swimming pool, which practically does not differ from a natural pond in the woods.

Regarding the construction of the bottom of the pond there are various options. There are ready-made plastic (for example high density polyethylene HDPE) pond tanks available. They are particularly durable, but there is of course only a limited number of shapes available. And especially when considering the scale of a swimming pond, this is often an expensive option. You can of course use pond liner, thicker variants are available for larger swimming ponds. But also the use of stone materials such as concrete, brick or tile can be very beautiful. In a concrete, brickwork or tiled pond you should pay extra attention to making it waterproof. Unlike popular belief, these materials are not completely waterproof by themselves.

A waterproof concrete, mortared or tiled pond

Waterproofing your pond with Permacon.

Constructing a waterproof pond with concrete, brickwork or tiles does not only mean the used building materials must be waterproofed. A good foundation should be used for the construction itself. Without a solid foundation, cracks in the pond may arise and there is obviously no waterproofing product to withstand that. The construction of a pond bin with concrete, bricks or tiles also requires skill, planning and good preparation.

But with a well-placed stone pond we’re not done yet. As already indicated, concrete, mortar and other masonry materials are not naturally waterproof. They contain pores and cracks which absorb water and eventually leak through. So you also want a solution that closes the pores and other minor surface defects without damaging or disrupting the structure. The best solution is Permacon.

Permacon - for your natural swimming pond

Permacon solves moisture problems and makes concrete, cement and stone completely waterproof. In the entire moisture exchange area, a layer of about 2 cm from the surface, the material fills all the pores and cavities. The places which normally fill with moisture, a gel arises which is solid and immobile. This makes the concrete stronger and waterproof and the water cannot leak through the pond bottom into the ground. The gel also keeps harmful substances fixed, such as chlorides, sulphates and other pollutants. Permacon therefore also contributes to an environmentally friendly pond.

As a do-it-yourselfer, you can easily use Permacon. For larger jobs, such as a pond bottom, Permacon can be applied with a low pressure spray or paint spray. For smaller surfaces and details, a brush will do the job.

Concrete, brickwork or tiles are a nice choice for a large swimming pond, but one that require skillful construction and maintenance. With Permacon you ensure your swimming pond is actually waterproof and stays waterproof.


  • Permacon is a water-based, odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable liquid. It is easily applied.
  • Available in  1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.