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For your reference we have written several blogs about our products. This way you can see how we used them and in what way you can apply them. We have 6 categories as we have 6 products. In case you have a question or a request, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’ll always be glad to help you out. You can search for specific terms if you like, or just browse the categories.

waterproof swimming pool with cementmix

Cementmix Waterproof

Cementmix can be used to make concrete waterproof. We have compiled a list of blogarticles around this subject. Mostly happy customers send in their photos after a project is succesfully finished.

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Water repellent wood

Woodcon Wood Sealer

You want to be absolutely certain your wood is protected against water? With Woodcon Wood Sealer you can make sure it is water-repellent and dust repellent. Read what we have to say about it in our blogs.

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Impregnate your facade with Oppercon

Oppercon Concrete Sealer

Oppercon is a concrete sealer. It forms a protective layer on the construction material, where Permacon penetrates into the pours. Oppercon is perfect for sealing a driveway or protect your facade and create a shield on it.

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Permacon Cement Wet/Dry

Permacon Concrete Waterproofing

WIth Permacon you can waterproof concrete, or ‘deep seal’. Our product will not only seal the concrete or building material, but penetrate down into the pours of the concrete and form a protection from there.

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Ferrocon Rust Converter

We call it a Rust Converter, because it actually converts rust. You really gotta see it to believe it. That is not all, after the conversion process it also primes the metal or iron. Read all about it in our blogs.

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Ecocal Limescale Remover

Ugly white stains on your facade or other construction material? Just apply our Ecocal product and watch the magic happens. We have written some blogs about this process for you to see.

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