Remove rust from cast iron

What is cast iron?

Cast iron is an authentic, classic material that is often used in homes with a rural appearance. Whether you have a cast-iron door knocker or letterbox, a cast-iron garden bench or statue in the garden, cast-iron gives just the extra robust and classic look you were looking for. Of course you must maintain the cast iron well and protect it against rust. We will discuss this in this blog.

Ferrocon - derust cast iron

Cast iron stove is completely derusted with Ferrocon after one treatment.

First, let’s see what cast iron is. We often use the term cast iron, but what kind of material is that? And what is the difference between cast iron and other types of iron that we encounter everywhere in and around our home? The difference has to do with the production method.

Iron is extracted by heating iron ore in an oven and separating the iron from the ore material. This is a laborious process, for which there are various methods. A relatively simple method produces iron with a relatively large number of carbon atoms.

Ferrocon - removes rust from iron and steel

The effect of that high carbon content is that this type of iron easily melts when heated. It can then easily be molded into the desired shape with the help of a mold, and that’s where the name cast iron comes from. At the same time, the high carbon content makes the material brittle and vulnerable.

Cast iron is resistant to compressive forces, but the tensile strength is limited and the material is also not flexible. It is brittle and breaks easily. Iron with a lower carbon content is tougher and harder to work in the heated state. It must be forged and is therefore called wrought iron. Wrought iron is stronger, more flexible and more resistant to tensile forces, but is more difficult to get into a certain shape.

Equipment / material

Low-pressure sprayer, brush or dip tank
Are used to apply Ferrocon.

Protective clothing
There are no real requirements for protective clothing, Ferrocon is human- and environmental friendly. You could however use rubber gloves, due to the alkaline (degreasing) character of Ferrocon.

When Ferrocon is washed off right after the derusting process has finished, the bare steel will appear.

Applications of cast iron

Ferrocon - derust cast iron

Cast iron is therefore an easy to cast material, but it is relatively weak. Since other types of iron and steel can now be produced mechanically and are also stronger and more flexible, cast iron is used much less nowadays.

Complete bridges and other structures were built in the 19th century. These were robust structures to make them strong enough. Moreover, no thin layers of metal can be produced during the casting process and cast iron objects are therefore naturally robust in shape. As a result, the typical “industrial age look” we know of objects and constructions from that period. Solid and robust, but often with gracefully molded details.

Nowadays, cast iron is still used for heavy frying pans, but also for objects such as garden gates and garden benches. Wood-burning stoves and patio stoves also benefit from this beautiful material. It can be cast in all shapes and sizes and whether you are looking for a square oven or a nice round patio stove, it is all possible. It also creates beautiful garden images, as well as letterboxes and door fittings.
All objects where the strength is less important, but where the robust, more classic appearance of cast iron works just fine.

With Ferrocon you keep your cast-iron garden statues and other objects in excellent condition. They remain a jewel in your garden or on your terrace.

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