Concrete Patio Sealer

A concrete sealer is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting your concrete from the elements. Although concrete on its own is super strong and lasts a lifetime, it has pores in it. When left untreated, it can attract dust and retain water droplets, resulting in algae growth. With time, it gets ugly and water damage and algae growth can cause structural damage. This is not a matter if it will happen, but when this slow damage will cause bigger issues. Get yourself a concrete patio sealer now.

The concrete sealer acts as a sealant that blocks water and salt from seeping into the cracks and pores present in your patio concrete. It forms a seal on the surface of your concrete and protects the entire concrete.

If you live in a harsh weather environment with lots of rain or snow, it is absolutely vital that you use a good sealer. Water damage is a serious issue; it can compromise the strength of construction materials used and result in structural damage over time. The same is the case with the formation and accumulation of ice and snow. On the surface, when ice or snow melts, it seeps into the pores in the concrete and reaches the structure, eventually damaging it. With snow, we tend to use deicing salts. These salts, too, can damage your patio.


Guaranteed Protection

Get Guaranteed protection from: all kinds of fluid penetration, Algae and Moss growth, carbonation problem, frost damage, moss and glaze all with one single Concrete Patio Sealer.

Concrete patios are the easiest to build and can last a long time. These are normally exposed to all kinds of weather elements; cold, hot, rain and snow. Also, the UV rays from the sun can cause damage, in the long run, we not only recommend but strongly urge you to use products to protect your patio. Concrete sealers come in different sizes and excellent properties. You can choose to use a UV-resistant concrete sealer that will not get damaged over time and at the same time, your sealer should be non-slippery as well.

Pros for protecting your patio

We bring you the best Patio Sealer. Here are some of the many pros:

  • Oppercon concrete sealer forms a protective layer on the concrete.
  • Oppercon layer is waterproof and UV resistant.
  • It is biodegradable and very easy to apply.
  • Oppercon safely stops any surface carbonation by sealing the concrete completely.
  • Oppercon sealer is non-toxic and is safe to use around humans and pets.
  • It is completely colorless and odorless, which makes it suitable for indoor use as well.
  • Oppercon can be used on concrete surfaces like brick, concrete, pavement, terracotta and even natural stone. It creates those nice water beads.
  • 1 Liter of Oppercon is enough to cover 88 square feet of concrete.
  • Oppercon concrete sealer is available in 1, 2.5, 5, 10, and 25 Liters.


Oppercon concrete sealer is not suitable for glazed and high gloss surfaces.

Are you looking for a concrete basement sealer? Go to our blog about sealing your basement. You can use Oppercon as well for sealing your driveway.

Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about concrete sealers:

Should I seal my concrete patio?

Oppercon Fluid penetration
Waterbeads on concrete

Absolutely, without any delay, do it as soon as possible. As we mentioned earlier, there are pores in concrete. No matter how smooth it is, it will absorb and retain water droplets and attract dust. It will result in algae growth and cause seepage. A Concrete patio sealing will fill those pores and form a protective layer on your patio surface and keep it protected for years to come. It’s the best investment you can make.

What is the best sealer for concrete?

There are different kinds of concrete sealers. Some are meant only for indoor use while others for the outdoors. Recently scientists have developed sealers that are good for both indoors and outdoors. A good concrete sealer should protect your concrete from water damage and sun exposure damage equally. It should be strong enough to fight all kinds of weather conditions as well. Freezing and thawing can damage ordinary sealers while the Oppercon sealer can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It’s one of our most popular products.

When Should I seal my concrete patio?

Oppercon natural stone waterproofing

You should seal your concrete patio as soon as possible. Leaving it untreated for long can start the process of molding, algae and moss buildup. Seal your concrete as soon as possible.


Is it better to roll or spray a concrete sealer?

Pay attention to the instructions on your concrete sealer. Oppercon concrete sealer should be applied with a mild low-pressure sprayer. Using a sprayer to cover the concrete surface is faster and easier. You can cover a large area in less time and more effectively.

Best sealers for patios

Now you know everything there is to know about the best sealers for patios. The only thing left to do is use our calculator so you can get an estimate of how much you need of our Oppercon Sealer. Or you can calculate this yourself. Remember you only need 1 liter for 88 ft².

Act now, don’t delay. Order Oppercon Concrete Sealer Now. 1 Liter Oppercon can cover up to 88 square feet of concrete. It is waterproof, comes with 15 years of Guarantee and can withstand Snow, Ice and deicing salts.


  • Very economical: depending on the porosity an average
    1 liter is sufficient for 88 ft².
  • Available in  1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.